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Your EduCloud ID is completely free! Enjoy a simple and clean profile, including everything our platform has to offer, at no cost.


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Your next educational and career moves are now made simple with our smart approach. We believe that digital profile makes applications easy and fast. From tracking your academic progress to making it as your digital resume, we put the power of personalization in your hands. Your digital profile is free, forever!

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Get exclusive access to career opportunities from top leading companies. Not only that you can use our powerful search feature to search for the job you want, but our platform will also provide personalised job opportunities that match your skillsets.

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Enter the world of cashless payment. Your EduCloud ID is bundled with an e-wallet application. Receive or send money digitally and take control of your spending, all within the EduCloud platform.

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Redeem free software and acquire new skills through our selection of courses when you become a member of EduCloud. Join our community of lifelong learners and enjoy the privilege of learning using the next-generation learning tools.


Build your own communities and collaborate with your education peers. We provide you with a powerful platform that harness the power of effective collaboration in your community. Keep yourself informed and updated through the EduCloud platform. The possibilities of growing your own community through the EduCloud platform are endless.

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